Transforming Teams: From Burnout Recovery to Achieving Peak Performance

A people-centered approach for lasting impact on team, company and community.

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Empowering the whole person: Beyond training to personal and professional growth

We’re not just about offering training; we aim to instill value in the whole person. We see each individual not just as a set of skills but as a unique contributor whose worth transcends the workplace. We’re here to offer resources that grow people—professionally and personally.

Creating Fulfilling Workplaces: Where Enjoyment, Purpose, and Talent Unite for Collective Goals

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Rhonda Parkhurst: Campioning Psychological Safety in the Workpalce

As the founder of The People Centered Organization, LLC, Rhonda Parkhurst is an esteemed organizational consultant specializing in psychological safety. With education and certification from The Fearless Organization, Rhonda utilizes the Psychological Safety Index Scan to measure and enhance workplace environments. Her commitment to this field is further deepened by her expertise in Positive and Emotional Intelligence. Over the past two years, Rhonda has dedicated herself to developing effective solutions for improving organizational culture and team dynamics, believing firmly that people are the heart of every successful organization.